Senran Kagura:Estival Versus因成人視覺小說而被禁止[更新]

[Update: Twitch has lifted the ban on 森然神樂:夏天玩具對戰]

[原來的文章:] Marvelous Entertainment’s 森然神樂:夏天玩具對戰 is a very risque title. It features lots of scantily clad women with large bosoms that bounce generously. The game doesn’t shy away from very fleshy transformation sequences where only the naughty bits are lightly obscured. It’s the ultimate tease and titillate but don’t touch and taste beat-’em-up game. Well, Twitch isn’t having it… none of it.

A post over on the ethically charged and censorship watchdog sub-Reddit called 小宅在行動, they were alerted to a Twitch streamer who was prohibited from streaming 森然神樂夏天玩具對戰. You can get a glimpse of what the game is like with the trailer below. It’s obviously NSFW.

Well, according to an image leaked from a conversation with Twitch support, a user was notified that 森然神樂:夏天玩具對戰 is not allowed on the service, with Twitch support rep Hassan Bokhari stating that the game is not allowed on the platform.

根據 leaked image of the conversation, Twitcher streamer Sergster responds saying…

“May I ask why? The other games were allowed on your platform. Why is this game being singled out when it is an officially rated CERO D game in Japan and is not classified under their AO rating. If this continues I will be forced to look at other streaming options as this is just silly and unwarranted.”

It is correct that Twitch does allow for other 森然神樂 games to be streamed on the service. In fact, you can check out a query result for 森然神樂 在這裡 that shows that there are various streams recorded of Dekamori Senran Kagura for the PS Vita.

However, according to Twitch support, Bokhari responded to Sergster, saying…

“Our rules of conduct are pretty cut and dry. We do not allow games of this nature on our platform. If you would like to look for other streaming platforms to stream these types of visual novels that have adult content, then please feel free.

“This is not something we will allow on our service.”

I reached out to the Twitch support staff to find out if it was true that 森然神樂:夏天玩具對戰 was really banned, even though it was being mislabeled as a “visual novel” as opposed to being a beat-’em-up game… and yes, despite all the bare skin and panty shots, it’s actually a beat-’em-up game. If you want to know what a visual novel looks like you can check out Over The Hills and Far Away. That’s a visual novel.

According to Twitch administrator Mr. Kanthes… he stated “That is correct”. Unfortunately, the tweet has been deleted.

所以你有它。 Mislabeled or not, if you want to stream 森然神樂 you won’t be able to do it via

You’ll likely have to just record your video and upload it to YouTube or try live-streaming through YouTube if you have the proper equipment and software.

森然神樂:夏天玩具對戰 launched on March 26th for the PlayStation Vita and PS4. The game is out in Japan but you can grab an import from over on 發揮亞洲.

[更新:] New images have been shared regarding Twitch responding to Senran Kagura: Estival Versus being banned on the grounds of being a visual novel. According to Kanthes, even if the game isn’t a visual novel it’s still being banned on the grounds of its sexual content. Responding to live-streamer Sergster, Kanthes 狀態…

“Apologies about the confusion. The game is still banned due to its sexual nature.”

You can check out the full exchange below from the screencapture, with some users wondering how mature titles like 巫師 - 俠盜獵車手V are allowed on Twitch but not 森然神樂. Even Twitch engineer Robert Burke questioned the decision to ban the game.


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