After successfully getting enough votes and favorites to make it through Steam Greenlight, Headup Games’ SEUM:Speedrunners從地獄 will officially be launching on the Steam store starting July 28th next week.

The developer sent out a quick press release indicating that the first-person platformer would be set to arrive on the digital storefront starting July 28th. The game sees players put into the role of a a guy named Marty who has his beer stolen by Satan and his demons. In an attempt to get his beer back the Marty has his arm blown off, but not before ripping off the head of a demon. Marty proceeds to attach the dead demon’s arm to his body using some do-it-yourself, makeshift, Red Green-style patchwork, and proceeds to enter into the portal to Hell in order to get back his limited edition Walrus Ale.

The game sees players having to travel through 100 levels of demon-infested levels to battle against the forces of evil while recovering the stolen beer.

The game itself is played like a first-person puzzle-platformer, and you can see what some of the gameplay looks like courtesy of a playthrough from YouTuber RiskRim.

The game is literally played as a speedrunner. Every level has a timer and players will have to traverse the levels as quickly as possible before the timer runs out. It’s possible to reverse gravity and even shoot fireballs, along with hop around the levels using a projectile teleporter.

The game’s devilish themes are accompanied by a fast-paced, metalcore soundtrack that is designed to keep you running full speed ahead through the fiery flames spawned from the lake of fire.

It’s a no-holds-barred, old-school, run-and-jump romp with a silly premise and completely over-the-top levels. If you’re interested in picking up a copy you can look to do so starting July 28th. For more info or to add the game to your wishlist, feel free to hit up the 蒸汽商店頁面.


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