Killer7 Steam

NIS America宣布將處理Grasshopper Manufacturer's的出版職責 Killer7 在今年秋天重新發行Steam。 港口公司Engine Software BV將負責處理遊戲的微調,並確保在Valve的數字發行服務上可用時在PC上正確運行。

隨著推出的宣傳預告片 蒸汽商店頁面,玩家可以在此列表並遵循 Killer7 現在。

Suda51’s quirky action title originally came out back in 2005 for the GameCube and PS2. It ended up becoming a cult classic but strangely didn’t get the remaster treatment like so many other games from that era.

If you don’t know what the game was like or how it played, there’s an announcement trailer below showcasing what Killer7 會像上 PC.

Well, if you haven’t played Killer7 之前你可能從這個預告片中完全沒有學到什麼。


The seven playable characters have distinct weapons and abilities that players will need to employ as they traverse through Heaven Smile’s organization, attempting to stop Kun Lan and his suicide bombing squad.

It’s a bizarre title that a lot of people loved for being original and unlike anything else on home consoles or PC at the time.

The game mixes in some environmental puzzle solving with first or third-person combat. They don’t mention much in the press release about what’s been added or improved upon for the PC release, but they do note that the game will be available for the first time in high-definition. We don’t really know if this means UHD support or simply FHD support. I suppose we’ll find out closer to its release.

與此同時,您可以在更多的信息範圍內 Killer7 通過訪問電腦的PC 蒸汽商店頁面.