Damnview,Urban Decay Sandbox Sim來到PS4,Xbox One,Nintendo Switch In 2019

Sindiecate Arts and Brainwash Gang announced a new urban decay social sandbox simulator called Damnview: Built From Nothing. The game is a social simulation experiment that examines “occidental culture and its different social classes”.

The game is in development for PC, Xbox One上, PS4任天堂開關. The game is about capitalism and seeking a better future, according to the description.

The developers have plans on releasing Damnview starting sometime next year in 2019. You can check out the announcement trailer for the game below.

The trailer features animals walking around while some lo-fi plays in the background. After an animated sequence plays, we then see the actual gameplay, which involves a variety of animals involved in fighting, stealing, shooting, and attempting to survive in a horrible inner city neighborhood.

Obviously the animals represent the different real-life racial ethnic groups to give gamers some sense of identity to the characters in the game.

The actual gameplay seems to mirror the sort of role-playing mods of 俠盜, players will have to attempt to survive in a world filled with poverty, crime, and struggling social classes.

The game has a very interesting sprite-based aesthetic, but the gameplay itself is like a 32-bit version of 復古市暴怒.

The grimy nature of the urban threshold gives Damnview this kind of desperate, hopeless nature to its design; broken swing sets, gangs hanging about, convenience store robberies, dirty boxing gyms, and back alley brawls. It’s this kind of modern day dystopia that seems to mirror what a lot of Liberals want to see Western civilization devolve into.

I’m not sure what the overall gameplay arc will be about, but I’m sure we’ll learn more about this hand-drawn urban sim as it approaches its 2019 release date next year.

您可以了解更多有關 Damnview: Built From Nothing 通過訪問 官方網站.


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