Overkill的The Walking Dead PC封閉測試版將於10月9th開始

Skybound Entertainment, 505 Games, and Starbreeze announced that the closed beta test for the PC 版本 矯枉過正是行屍走肉 will commence on October 9th. The news was accompanied by a new livestream video that covers some of the gameplay and additional footage of the Underpass level, which was featured at this year’s GamesCom in Cologne, Germany.

The closed beta will be available and guaranteed for everyone who pre-ordered 矯枉過正是行屍走肉 either through Steam or through the game’s official website. Whether you get the standard version or the special version, you’ll receive a single closed beta invite. However, for those who pre-order the deluxe edition of the game you’ll receive additional keys that you can share with a couple of friends, enemies, family, or all those people that make your weekends exciting.

Additionally, you can check out the 42 minute livestream video covering some of the gameplay and content from the GamesCom showing.

They explain in the video that there are different types of zombies, and that some of the zombies are more heavily armored than others. For instance, the zombies with the helmets on need to have their helmets removed before they can be killed.

The video also covers the game’s puzzle elements, where a single player can solve the player or all four players can work together to overcome some of the obstructions.

They also discuss how the game sometimes randomizes certain elements, such as enemy placements, item placements, and how swarms behave. This is part of the AI director that will adjust and change the difficulty depending on how you’re playing through the level.

They also discuss the way the game is setup there are so many zombies that you won’t have enough ammunition to kill them all, so you’ll need to utilize tactical awareness and team strategies to avoid being overwhelmed by the zombie swarms. You can also use barricades to block off certain pathways and avoid being cornered.

As mentioned, you can look for the closed beta of 矯枉過正是行屍走肉 to get underway October 9th. For more info on the game you can visit the 官方網站.


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